Alegria® by ORGENTEC Diagnostika is for fully automated antibody detection in autoimmunity diagnostics and in infectious disease serology. Tests, 24 Alegria® strips. Calibration, internal. Calculation, qualitative. Cut-off, Index ≥ Coating, myeloperoxidase (MPO), proteinase 3 (PR3). Bestellingformationen für die Alegria® Positive Control.

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The analyzer provides a fully automated process for the detection of autoantibodies akegria a degree of flexibility never before available. This instrument is in used diagnostics laboratories for example for autoimmune diagnostics and infection disease serology.

All test information is transmitted to the system by means of individual bar codes. Autoimmune diagnostics and infectious serology. Material can be tested as soon as it is sent in. Working together in these specialized immunodiagnostics fields ORGENTEC and BIT have created a successful market entry with several years of production and product enhancements as required by the market. It provides a fully automated process for the detection of autoantibodies with a degree of flexibility.

Which market does it address? It is thus possible to test up to 30 different samples with individual parameters in one analytical step. Each patient sample may be handled as an individual test and requires only minimal effort. This information technology guarantees that only tests meeting most challenging quality requirements are implemented.

Even individual samples can be processed rapidly, economically, and automatically. This individually optimized form of diagnosis makes a fast and individual handling of patient samples in laboratories possible.

Orgentec Alegria® – BIT Group

It is used especially by laboratories with average or lower sample frequency and for acute diagnostics. What you should know about the Alegria?


Laboratories can use Alegria to carry out diagnostics tailored to allegria own individual requirements. This includes the innovative application of materials and user functions, which modify traditional, medical procedures. Every test strip contains all of the reagents needed to test an individual sample: This results in a significant orgenhec reduction which is finally beneficial for the whole health care system.

The Alegria is a compact instrument for autoimmune diagnostics and infection disease serology.

ANCAscreen hs (high sensitive)

Every test strip contains all of the reagents needed to test an orgenteec sample: Formerly Lilac Medicare Pvt. RoHS compliance Ongoing versioning maintenance, software maintenance and enhancements for new applications Spare parts manufacturing and supply.

About the Learning Unit Authors Dr. Alegria is ideal for large hospitals, prgentec laboratories, large rheumatologist clinic based laboratories. June Mainz, Germany — Frederic W.

ORGENTEC Diagnostika | Alegria® – for autoimmune diagnostics and infectious serology

Are you working on a new diagnostic device? What is this instrument? It represents the newest dimension in the field of autoimmune diagnostics. Enlarged patient benefits as well as the ability of the product development teams to manage challenges in design and development in such a way as to enable the products to fullfil the clinical requirements were taken into consideration.

Preparation and assessment Course requirements Further learning units. Rapid sample processing and the prompt transmission of analytical results provide speed for the treating physician and service for the patient. The Alegria random access analyser offers a fully automated and highly flexible process for the detection of autoantibodies. The codes contain information about the product name, a lot-specific and complete standard curve, threshold values for the internal cut-off control, and the recalculation algorithm, as well as the production of the test strip and its expiration date.


The following film demonstrates how Alegria works. Cookies make it easier for us to provide you with our services. Paquet has been appointed Director Sales International.

All test data are transferred to the system through individual bar-codes. The fully automated analytical system can run more than tests; each test run may include up to 30 patients with individual results delivered in only 90 minutes.

Friederike Hammar Translators Dr. The jury of MDEA – an unprejudiced, multidisciplinary and well experienced committee – evaluated all passed in products extensively.

algeria Mainz, Germany — Frederic W. Submitted products are evaluated for design and technological features.

Alegria provides complete flexibility and one of the widest menu in Autoimmune diagnostics covering rheumatology, thrombosis, gastroenterology, vasculitis, thyroid, diabetes panels and others. With Alegria, the user is able to conduct special diagnostic procedures tailored to the requirements of the facility. Each patient sample can be handled as a single sample with minimal difficulty.

Anti-Intrinsic Factor

In the temperature-controlled incubation chamber, all processes are carried orgeentec under strictly standardized conditions. At last the general public but also every single patient benefits of the fast diagnostic finding, which allows contemporarily starting with the appropriate therapy.

September Mainz — Dr. The SMC coding comprises information about the respective product names, lot-specific and complete standard curve, limit values for the internal cut-off control and the recalculation algorithm, as well as production information for the test strip and its expiry date.