Ante Ciliga – pronounced “Tsiliga” – became famous to the point of becoming the emblem of the opposition to Stalinism and to “the Bolshevik system” of state. ANTE CILIGA. It is with an extreme discretion that the French press (Le Monde, October 28, ), announced, in some poor lines, the death of Ante Ciliga. The file was just too big and I can’t seem to compress it without losing quality, so I posted it on : The Russian Enigma – Ante Ciliga.

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Installed to Rome about the middle of the Fifties, Ciliga will be affirmed in the Croatian emigration like a politician, of social democrat anfe, publishing his own publications.

Ciliga, Ante

Djuro DjakovicCroat like Ciliga, had followed the courses of the Lenin School in Having finished his book on Ciloga, land of exile and industrialisationin AugustCiliga ciligw as Ulysses – returned in his “Croatian fatherland”, cilig by a patriotism which had hardly left him since his youth. Trotsky was “at the bottom the theorist of a regime whose Stalin is the clliga Ciliga raised the question to embark France for the USA or to remain in this country, “to go on a circular journey through Europe in war, to see by his proper eyes the aspects of the crisis and decline of the European continent “.

There is reprint of Borba ; izdanje, Belgrade-Zagreb, A substantial volume but well written, dramatic in parts, and a must read for anyone interested the decline of the Russian revolution.

The Czech Slansky, this one of the lawsuits of Prague, was to succeed to him. As a former member of znte communist movement and a dissident who had transitioned into a cilgia anticommunist, he was branded a political enemy of the regime in Yugoslavia.

Pouchas and Ciliga Refugee in Italy, the Ustasha chief – with the help of Mussolini, after “giving” Dalmatia to the Duce – could return to Zagreb on April 15 with his henchmen. In a letter addressed to the communist leader of Trieste Felice Platone, inhe decided for the cells system, which was going to remove any freedom of political debate in the Communist Parties, in the name of the “iron discipline of the party”. What was extremely dangerous in a so much Catholic country.


On top, as on certain articles of SpremnostCiliga kept a total silence in his memories and interviews. Thanks to these interventions in high place, Ciliga was released on January first, of the camp.

Stalin therefore had him i jailed briefly in Leningrad, and afterward, inhe was sent to the Siberian concentration camps, where was released in after the Stalin-Mussolini agreement, as he ciiliga Italian citizenship.

The Trotskyists called for a change in line by the ruling party, to better support the world revolution, while the Decemists called for a radical alteration in state economic policy, to bring the workers to the fore of society. The left-wing fraction had formerly recommended exploiting the problem of nationalities in the interests of the revolution.

Especially the history of the labour movement, and even the history very short – precisely at the moment when it shows the bloody bankruptcy of the nationalitarian ideology and reality in Yugoslavia even – will undoubtedly retain only the author-witness and militant with “the country of the great lie “.

The Russian Enigma – Ante Ciliga

At 14, he began defining himself as a Croat of Yugoslav tendency, a stance that, according to him, he never abandoned. He later abandoned communist politics, becoming an “ardent nationalist”.

Thus, the party was dismembered, and almost ceased existing. He noted besides that, compared to Germany de Hitler, the Trotskyist hastened to call with the common fight of the social democrats with the Stalinists against Fascism.

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In this last was the chief “Decist” V. There he encountered an entirely new world: With the listening of all the debates of the Russian party and especially of the reflections of the Russian workers, noting the repression of the anarcho-syndicalist workers, suspected of publishing an illegal paper which required only the improvement of the working conditions in their factory, Ciliga became very pessimistic on the future of the “socialist fatherland”.

Ante Ciliga Archive

If there is a statement that is appropriate as an obituary for Ante Ciliga, it is that of his friend Ivo Vucicevic: Among the prisoners arriving in the insulator, one of them assure him the massive massacre of Ukrainian cipiga 3 million of victimsthe deportation from 5 to 10 million Muzhiks, the slow anguish of exiled of Siberia from which the lifespan did not exceed two years. Inhe was appointed as member of the central committee. She died in Moscow in In the insulator, on the other hand, and undoubtedly elsewhere, they had been radicalised much, but in confusion and division.

Those were presented by Trotsky as “completely demoralised elements, men who carried elegant baggy breeches and were capped the made-to-order of upholders “. Serbs, Jews and Gypsies were proclaimed “lower races”.

Who is he in contact with here? Click here for the guide. He engaged at once in a detachment of Yugoslav volunteers. Ciliga, in Bonifacic and Mihanovic, eds. Their demoralisation – which explains partly the triumph of the clliga – was total: Shortly afterward, he became one of the founders of the Yugoslav communist movement.