Driven by Eternity: Making Your Life Count Today & Forever [John Bevere] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Most people would be left. Driven by Eternity has ratings and reviews. Neil said: Introduction John Bevere’s Driven by Eternity is reminiscent of what is arguably one of. In this plan, best-selling author John Bevere paints a vivid picture of the way our earthly lives shape our eternal existence. Life beyond the final breath is much.

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Driven by Eternity : John Bevere :

And some part of you already knows this, doesn’t it? This book is a contemporary classic!

This book is a life-changing book if you use it as a Bible study it will change your life! The allegory of Affabel is so powerful. And if so, is any of it relevant to the life we’re living now? I’ll probably listen to it again and buy the work book.

Driven by Eternity

Second, stop to ponder and meditate on truths that grip your etednity. That’s rare but refreshing. You will find peace and hope as this book reminds you to align your life with a higher calling. I now have a deeper understanding of eternity, what it means to truly serve God and walk in His purpose!

Since we cannot grasp eternity intellectually, we will have to listen with our hearts for anything meaningful to happen. I am particularly appreciative that each chapter built on the preceding one, and the thoughts were based solely on Gods word. Bill Johnson Narrated by: Escape the enemy’s deadly trap! In a world of fear, disease, crisis, torment, uncertainty, and hopelessness, what you believe about God’s goodness reveals how you will respond efernity the trials and circumstances of everyday life.

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I think it’s important, because it stands against two conflicting examples of bad teaching and preaching.

Driven by Eternity: Making Your Life Count Today & Forever

Anyone can see it: That being said though, thank you so much for this book John Bevere! Wanting to read it again, thinking about buying it again, thinking for days on the name of the book so I can do one or more of these things.

In clear but blunt terms, Bevere has immersed himself in the peatbog of Pentecostal theology. I’ve already told many friends and family that if I had droven recommend only one book to someone besides the Bibleit’s probably Driven by Eternity.

He keeps referring back to the visions individuals had of “seeing heaven or hell after they died and came back to life. This book was a hard read. Francis Chan Narrated by: These are essential concepts; for me, they are mostly not new revelations.

This audiobook will do eternnity than ask you to change your behavior. Life beyond that final breath isn’t just about heaven or hell – it’s much more wonderful than that. Against that, Bevere teaches: It will empower you to engage with God on a level that will change every aspect of your life.


This book is full of so much truth necessary to the Christain life. It contained quite a bit of insightful information. Think of what the outer limit of the universe might be like. When we bbevere a mindset that extends our abilities rather than placing limits on ourselves, we will experience greater intellectual satisfaction, emotional control, and physical health.

Live your best life for Jesus and be driven by eternity!!!

If offense is handled correctly, you will become stronger rather than bitter. Thus human wisdom believes that a the act of preaching the Gospel is foolishness. Other readers may enjoy this book, and glean some great insights.

In a day of politically correct churches and a watered down gospel, this book will set you straight on what the Bible does say and the consequences of the way we think and live this life – for good and for bad. Driven By Eternity is not for the spiritually squeamish.