Evangelica Testificatio: Apostolic Exhortation on the Renewal of the Religious Life According to the Teachings of the Second Vatican Council [Pope Paul VI] on . Evangelica Testificatio is an apostolic exhortation issued by Pope Paul VI in , concerning the renewal of religious life according to the teaching of the. Evangelica Testificatio: Apostolic Exhortation on the Renewal of the Religious Life According to the Teachings of the Second Vatican Council. Front Cover.

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El signo de su autenticidad se comprueba por la gozosa sencillez con que todos se esfuerzan por comprender lo que cada uno anhela [52]. Poverty and justice Need for evangelical witness in today’s world Conciencia y obediencia Gaudium et spes48, AAS 58,pp. Esteem and affection 4.

Let us not forget that every human institution is prone to become set in its ways and is threatened by formalism. Mt 19, 21; 2Cor 8, 9. Thus, dear brothers and sisters, it is necessary for you to restore to the Christian spirituality of consecrated chastity its full effectiveness. There is no doubt that community spirit, relationships of friendship and fraternal cooperation in the same apostolate, as well as mutual support in a shared life chosen for a better service of Christ, are so many valuable factors in this daily progress.

Use of the world’s goods The interior impulse which is the response to God’s call stirs up in the depth of one’s being certain fundamental options. The Council reminds us that “the authority of the Church has taken care, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to interpret these evangelical counsels, to regulate their practice, and also to establish stable forms of living according to them.

How can this result be attained, unless you deepen in the Lord your relationships, even the most ordinary ones, with each of your brethren?


Widening the dialogue : reflection on Evangelica testificatio

Living witnesses of the love of the Lord It must have a primary place in your constitutions and in your lives. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

Such is your consecration, made within the Church and through her ministry—both that of her representatives who receive your profession and that of the Christian community itself, whose love recognizes, welcomes, sustains and embraces those who within it make an offering of themselves as a tesyificatio sign “which can and ought to attract all the members of the Church to an effective and prompt fulfillment of the duties of their Christian vocation Fidelity to the evangelicaa of these fundamental options is the touchstone of authenticity in religious life.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Today more than ever, the world needs testificaatio see in you evangelifa and women who have believed in the Word of the Lord, in His resurrection and in eternal life, even to the point of dedicating their lives to witnessing to the reality of that love, which is offered to all men.

On the other hand it remains true that communities containing many members particularly suit many religious.

Sal 9, 13; Job 34, 28; Prov 21, Certainly many exterior elements, recommended by founders of orders or religious congregations are seen today to be outmoded. A source of spiritual fruitfulness In this pursuit, the religious will be able to avoid both an excessive agitation and a preoccupation for making the attraction of current opinion prevail over the profound meaning of the religious life.

Perfectae caritatis, 24, A.

It leads some of you to join the poor in their situation and to share their bitter cares. Do not forget, moreover, the witness of history: You hear rising up, more pressing than ever, from their personal distress and collective misery, “the cry of the poor.

No matter how different their expressions are, these forms are always ordered to the formation of the inner man. The Council considers “a proven doctrine of acquiring perfection” 50 as one of the inherited riches of religious institutes and one of the greatest benefits that they must guarantee. As a rule he needs a certain solitude so that he may hear God “speaking to his heart. Dentro del estado religioso, como en toda la Iglesia, se vive el mismo ministerio pascual de Cristo. While We express to them testifjcatio admiration, We hold them up as an example for all.


Fuente de fecundidad espiritual This teaching of the Council illustrates well the grandeur of this self-giving, freely made by yourselves, after the pattern of Christ’s self-giving to His Church; like His, yours is total and irreversible.

Evangelica testificatio – Paolo VI – Google Books

And yet it is well known that the Council recognized “this special gift” as having a choice place in the life of the Church, because it enables those who have received it to be more closely conformed to “that manner of virginal and humble life which Christ the Lord elected for Himself, and which His Virgin Mother also chose. From the beginning, the tradition of the Church—is it perhaps necessary to recall it?

We know well and We are following with attention this effort at renewal which was desired by the Council. Lumen Gentium46, AAS 57,p. May you succeed in discovering this anew in an interior and closer relationship with Christ and in your direct contact with your brethren. Open to this divine joy, live generously the demands of your vocation, renewing etstificatio affirmation of the testificafio of faith and in its light interpreting in a Christian way the needs of the world.

Following Christ’s example