Rimbaud has ratings and 45 reviews. Eddie said: There will never be a single biography that does Rimbaud total justice, and that’s as it should be be. ‘Robb has written a great biography – scholarly, humane and above all marvelously Graham Robb’s brilliant biography moves Rimbaud on from his perpetual. In this robust biography, Robb (Balzac; Victor Hugo) contemplates the life of Arthur Rimbaud () as if the French poet/ vagabond’s deeds were those of.

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I armed myself against Justice Sweet glory as an artist and story-teller swept away!

Rimbaud – Graham Robb – Google Books

Rimbaud Graham Robb No preview available – Robb presents Rimbaud and his 19th c. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Robb sets out to question every received idea about Rimbaud; he devotes as much attention to his post-poetic life as to his early years, with the result that the one throws steady light on the other.

Among his strengths are the amount of research he conducts and his skill at creating the yraham arc of his account. To read these pages is truly to go back in time to walk the boulevards of 19th century Paris with Rimbaud and Verlaine.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Rbb with This Book. A threatening sense of self under siege, now under attack from another quadrant, builds. Toiling away under that rikbaud gaze must take nerves of steel. Born into a poor provincial family, he was performing feats of prodigious intelligence rbb his early teens. Graham Robb’s brilliant biography moves Rimbaud on from his perpetual adolescence where our imaginations have held him to show the extent of his transformations.


I would say that he began to think that all this smashing was really rather easy for him, didn’t present much of a challenge, actually. Robb had written a fascinating, gaham researched and well written biography of a life that is full of controversy and unknowns. So we make a lot of inferences, but I think Robb does a bang-up job of presenting a very human idea of what Rimbaud was like.

W This whizzes into my Top ten Best Ever Biography you don’t get that in High Fidelity because Robb manages to write sublime caustic prose that corrects both the record and the myth that surrounds Rimbaud. This segment of his project is entirely clear in Nicholl’s account of Rimbaud’s life in Africa. And I think he struggled between his disdain for man for not being able to ascend to his level of forward thinking and chose the life of a loner, a life of mystery, a life in which it always seemed he was looking down on everyone from a lofty height.

Critics, including previous biographers such as the venerable Enid Starkie, are quietly put right – often with a deal of wit, sometimes with a hint of impatience. Robb has written a great biography – scholarly, humane and above all marvellously entertaining.

Rimbaud: A Biography

He cultivates his verbal gifts, which he deployed with genius. A short seduction followed; it was part of Rimbaud’s plan to persuade Verlaine to spend vast amounts of money, drink implausible amounts of absinthe and copulate ceaselessly Rimbaud took the passive role; he said that Verlaine was too dirty to bugger, though Rimbaud, who hardly bathed more than twice a year, could hardly have presented a very inviting prospect himself. I have read and enjoyed several books by Graham Robb, but this is still my favorite.

The second half of his life was spent in a largely unmapped Africa where he tried to conceal rimbzud business dealings and how much money he was making. Preview — Rimbaud by Graham Robb.


I am pulled into Rimbaud’s life each time I opened the book. Looking forward to Robb’s Balzac and Hugo and anything else he has written or will write. In this phase, he tires of all this smashing of convention and constraint.

Regarding Graham Robb’s Biography. Later he drifted his way to east Africa to get involved in gun trading and other forms of commerce. Account Options Sign in.

We know some surprising things about him, such as thanks to a Brussels police report the appearance of his penis ‘short and not very voluminous’ and anus ‘can be dilated quite markedly’. He got bored of it and moved on. He had always treated poems as a form of private communication. He has focused the energies of Bob Dylan and Jim Morrison. To what evidentiary standard does that evidence rise? View all 5 comments. They were always stabbing each other without provocation, sometimes seriously, but it’s the last incident which makes you wonder what you had to do to be barred from the Dead Rat.

Dirty deeds at the Dead Rat

He grew out of literature, as he had always expected to grow out of Europe. But cast incredulity aside: The list runs something like this: They did not need to solicit anything. Robb researches his books thoroughly. Jul 18, Solor rated it it was amazing. Jan 10, Michael rated it liked it Shelves: What did we know about this orbb libertine poet with the brilliant blue eyes? A lengthy in depth biography of the poet Arthur Rimbaud.