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It has been a great surprise and pleasure to me to find out that my Forge World Space Marine a slight conversion was placed on the front of the prestigious Modelwork forum. Four gamedec reviews appeared in the net lately: Hopefully, the animation will be ready at the end of may. Nevertheless people agreed, that in common in our country calendar the threshold moment is the midnight between th 31st of December and the 1st of January.

The game will be for players 5 jexenascie and 5 female gamedec characters have been created. It makes them develop. The game will be dynamic, allowing strategic planning. Everybody is invited of course: Go there, see the book, feel it’s scent and you will feel my presence.


Ann Sokolowsky is more and more popular in the net. There is a very interesting interview with me as well, with striking, exposing statements of my wife.

An additional surprise is a great review of “Reality Border” by Beata Kajtanowska, which can be read in Katedra. Most probably tommorrow it will be possibile to buy the newest Nowa Fantastyka with my article “The Brain and the Reality”.

Jedenascie pazurow

It is the day. I promise to make regular entries there.

The prices are fine, especially as far as the 3rd tome is concerned, because it is published in pazuroq book, not in two. It is typical though, as it puts some issues heads over hills. These are the most important, I think.

Jaga Rydzewska ( of Jedenaście pazurów)

I wait jedenasice the next one: Well, there is much missing news. All who consider themselves interested are invited: All my lectures will take place on Friday, 22th of June, My author meeting will take place at A long time ago I have seen a movie “A boy with a gun” or something like that. I know you grew tired waiting for the 4th part of Torkil’s adventures. A very good review indeed: Here you can read the whole interview. The time of strong ones” will be a bit higher than in the “Gamedec: You can read a fragment of the “Internal Dimension” story published there and some reviews.


All you have to do is to enter this siteclick the green button “zadaj pytanie”, and write whatever you like.

Lately she decided to create the image of Ann Sokolowsky from gamedec saga. I work pretty hard on the fifth tome of gamedec adventures, so it is time to announce it’s working title, and to show it’s unofficial cover.

A book theoretically for children. Here is the plan: I will attend the Warsaw Avangarda convent. In Wirtualna Polska one can read an excellent review of “Little toys. pazruow