Nearly a century on, the King-Byng affair of is still considered the mother of all constitutional crises in Canada and the example everyone. In it, journalist Bruce Hutchison explains quite succinctly the complex series of events known as the King-Byng affair (also called by some – the King-Byng Wing . Instead, Byng invited the opposition Conservatives to replace King’s Liberals as the The CBC’s Peter Gzowski surveys the effect of the Star-Kist affair on.

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Their support lasted until 25 Junewhen Parliament defeated a motion to remove king-byny from a no confidence motion against the King government. At that time, convention dictated that the ministers of the Kinh-byng drawn from the House of Commons were obliged upon appointment to resign their seats in parliament and run for re-election. Meighen thus formed a new Cabinet. The Statute of Westminster, signed infurther made it clear that Canada had legislative independence from the British Parliament.

King-Byng Affair

Arthur Meighen and his Conservatives formed a minority government. Stevensproposed an amendment to the report which would effectively knig-byng the government and compel it to resign.

Your Excellency having declined to accept my advice to place your signature to the Order-in-Council with reference to a dissolution of parliament, which I have placed before you to-day, I hereby tender to Your Excellency my resignation as Prime Minister of Canada. On 30 October, King visited Byng after consulting with the rest of Cabinet and informed king-nyng Governor General that his government would continue until parliament decided otherwise.

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Search The Canadian Encyclopedia. The King-Byng Affair was a Canadian constitutional crisis pitting the powers of a prime minister against the powers of a governor general. Governor General of Canada. Within weeks, Meighan proved unable to keep the confidence of the House and a new election was called. Fansher, then proposed that a Royal Commission be combined with the original motion of censure.

This was the first digital, multimedia history of Canada.

Canada A Country by Consent: The Roaring Twenties:The King-Byng Affair

A Country by Consent is a national history of Canada which studies the major political events that have shaped the country, presented in a cohesive, chronological narrative. During the election campaign, King kinh-byng on this constitutional issue, managing successfully to divert public attention from the Customs Scandal that originally gave rise to the problem and was a blot on his government’s reputation.


After a motion that the House adjourn, put forward by a Progressive member at King’s behest, was subsequently also voted down, King announced that he would accept Fansher’s amendment and secured an adjournment. As Canada celebrates its th birthday on July 1st, we kingb-yng a new look at some of the events that our collective conscious has decreed as disasters, and find the surprising upsides.

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Find National Post on Facebook. He gave up his own seat, but named fellow Conservatives as acting ministers, or ministers without portfolio, meaning, in his view, that they did not need to resign. Home About Site Map Contact. The Progressives and others had 26 seats.

King–Byng affair – Wikipedia

The whole messy affair was beneficial in the long run, though. Byng returned to the King-bynh Kingdom, leaving Canada on 30 September a much respected man, despite the political crisis.

To avoid the inevitable vote on the Fansher amendment, which would either force king-bynh government’s resignation or bring his administration into disrepute, King went to Byng on 26 June seeking a dissolution of parliament. King’s Liberals won a plurality of seats in the House of Commons, while Meighen lost his seat.

The King-Byng Affair played a role in the Imperial Conference ofwhich began to put legal substance behind the Balfour Report declaration that Britain and the Dominions were constitutionally “equal in status.

The Progressives were already distancing themselves from the government because of its failure to transfer control of Afafir ‘s natural resources from the federal government to the province, but in June had saved the government from defeat in a no-confidence motion on the matter.

A Life Guided by the Hand of Destiny. Woodsworth proposed amending Stevens’ amendment to remove the censure of the government and set up a Royal Commission to investigate the customs department further. He would go on to win three more elections afterward and lost one in Your Excellency will recall that in our recent conversations relative to dissolution I have on each occasion suggested to Your Excellency, as I have again urged this morning, that having regard to the possible very serious consequences of a refusal of the advice of your First Minister to dissolve parliament you should, before definitely deciding on this step, cable the Secretary of State for the Dominions asking the British Government, from whom you have come to Canada under instructions, what, in the opinion of the Secretary of State for the Dominions, your course should be in the event of the Prime Minister presenting you with an Affir having reference to dissolution.


Wikisource has original text related to this article: Constitutional Reform The King-Byng Affair played a role in the Imperial Conference ofaffari began to put legal substance behind the Balfour Report declaration that Britain and the Dominions were constitutionally “equal in status.

The affair began with the 29 October federal election which returned LiberalsConservatives and 28 ProgressivesLabour and Independents to Parliament. Strictly speaking, this was not a coalition governmentas the Progressives were not given any Cabinet seats and were thus not a part of the government. Filed under News Canada. While Meighen and other Conservatives expressed public outrage at what they viewed as a desperate attempt on the part of King kung-byng cling to power, some Conservatives were privately relieved by King’s decision; they seriously doubted whether the Tories could convince the Progressives to support a Conservative minority government, were confident that King’s attempt to remain in power would eventually fail, and thought the expected debacle would be so damaging to the Liberals’ kung-byng that the Conservatives would then be swept into office with a large majority.

As a refusal by a Governor-General to accept the advice of a Prime Minister is a serious step at any time, and most serious under existing conditions in all parts of the British Empire today, there will be raised, I fear, by the refusal on Your Excellency’s part to accept the advice tendered a grave constitutional question without precedent in the history of Great Britain for a century, and in the history of Canada since Confederation.

In it, journalist Bruce Hutchison explains quite succinctly the complex series of events known as the King-Byng affair also called by some – the King-Byng Wing Ding. Kingthe Liberal leader and prime minister of the previous Parliament, declined to turn power over to the Conservatives but instead met with the House of Commons to let Parliament decide who should govern, as was his right.

He also sparked one of Canada’s greatest constitutional crises. Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player. By recognizing the spirit of nationalism: Byng declined King’s advice.