Ninjutsu Techniques · Bujinkan Densho · Koto Ryu Koppojutsu Gyokko Ryu Koshijutsu · Koto Ryu Koppojutsu · Togakure Ryu Ninpo · Takagi Yoshin Ryu. Koto Ryu Koppojutsu (虎倒流骨法術) translates as “Tiger Knock Down School”. What specializes the Koto Ryu techniques is that distance is created by moving.

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Kaku Gassho – Fire and Wind Prayer. In his self biography he has written that he got hard fingers and toes by hitting stone and gravel until the blood came through the finger and toenails.

Finally, it should also be pointed techhiques that an actively resisting enemy creates opportunities to apply Koppojutsu in ways that are not easily predicted in the dojo. Although pattern recognition is used in the very beginning, competence and later mastery of techniques can only occur through the deeper understanding of body systems.

We are all familiar with images in martial art films depicting memorably broken arms and legs, with the enemy permanently and excruciatingly put techniqies of commission. We as martial artists and if we happen to be healthcare workers also have to make choices about how to use our knowledge.

In order to utilize these weaknesses, the structure has also to be made temporarily static.

The ability to use these techniques in the way that causes fractures requires an understanding of how the techniques work. This is done to come in with a strike at exactly 90 degrees against the bone structure of the attacker to do the most damage.

There after the Koto Ryu was following the same family line as Gyokko Ryu. Instead the technique is shown, the set up usually a joint lock will be applied and it will then be explained that it can break thus and such a joint.


Koto Ryu Koppojutsu –

Certainly, many of us are familiar with moments when your instructor or master, will pause and inform you to be careful when executing a technique because of the risk of breaking your training partners bones.

They are listed as the Gassho Kuji Kiri nine symbol slashes prayers. Martial arts have in common with medical knowledge that force applied in one direction destroys life and in another heals and protects life. It is therefore also about breaking and disrupting joints. This approach is practical but has the limitation that the student will pair a specific set up with a specific application and an expected result.

Suirin – Water Ring Prayer. That kpppojutsu point creates the leverage for the rest of the body to move.


Many arts will show variations that can be used when the enemy deviates in some manner from the taught pattern. Kaku Gassho — Fire and winds prayer. The Koto Ryu techniques use short distancing between the two opponents, the Gyokko Ryu uses greater distance. It also is worth pointing out that in a brief article on this subject, there can only be a perfunctory and superficial loppojutsu of discussion tefhniques that the body of knowledge of Koppojutsu could fill one to two volumes of text with needed copious illustrations.

These same kuji also appear in the Gyokko Ryu.

Koto Ryu Koppojutsu

Koppojutsu is not just about breaking the long bones in our limbs, which not surprisingly, are the toughest, it is about breaking and dislocating complex bony structures like the pelvis, koppoojutsu spine and the skull.

To some this may seem stating the obvious. Koppojutsu …… The rest is unclear.

It also assumes a higher level of maturity and selection of students. I n water this changes, and the system characteristics are different. These are the same kuji that appear in the Gyokko Ryu. Frequently, when fractures occur as a result of using martial arts, it is unexpected, unintended and accidental. To do this demands good timing and rhythm in the defensive attack, often done with Yoko Aruki moving with the techhniques crossing each other.


Like most other things tecgniques combative arts there is more to Koppojutsu than meets the eye. The idea of permanent or long lasting bodily technqiues would certainly be a deterrent to any would be assailant or enemy. We will not be looking into the etymology of the name of this art, which is reviewed elsewhere.

The Art of Koppojutsu

Kongo – Cloud Prayer. The Koto Ryu also contains kuji prayer forms and they are called Sanpo Gassho 3 treasures. Koppojutsu means to koppoojutsu the bone structure on the attacker. Always making the eyes appear blank, so that no telepathic movement can be detected by the opponent Looking at the eyebrows of the opponent rather than their eyes.

This raises the question as to whether the teacher of an art should systematically point out the risks associated with their techniques. This understanding of how to induce static postures in parts of the body has everything to do with how our bodies have evolved in a gravitational environment. Thus even while a human body is in motion, as long as it is touching the ground it has a fulcrum and a static point.

The Koto Ryu has a unique form of Kenjutsu Swordsmanship. The Hekito is unarmed combat against sword, but a skilled member of the school can also do the Hekito with sword against sword. Five Levels of the Koto Ryu.