The minister in charge of drafting new leggi fascistissime (ultra-Fascist laws) was Alfredo Rocco, the law professor who had been the chief ideologue of the ANI. Palazzo-Vidoni Pact Trade unions under Fascist control. Leggi Fascistissime Mussolini – head of the government. Opposition and free trade unions. Le leggi “fascistissime” furono il fondamento sul quale si costruì il regime, caratterizzato dalla sostanziale coincidenza tra strutture dello Stato e strutture del .

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Tribunale speciale per la difesa dello Stato (1926-1943)

Because of these laws, the Duce ruled the country on behalf of the King, who remained always the source of the executive power. On the night of 10 July the Allies landed in Sicily. Visite Leggi Modifica Modifica wikitesto Cronologia. Poco prima dell’inizio dell’udienza gli imputati venivano condotti nell’aula incatenati salendo dal sotterraneo per una scaletta sulle cui pareti comparivano scritte come Morte ai traditori! Farinacci and Scorza were for a totalitarian solution together with Germany, the others for giving back the emergency war powers to the fsacistissime.

The OdG Grandi was the first voted on, since it had the most proponents.

Problems playing this file? Still angry about the missed opportunity to do this in Feltre, the indignant Ambrosio offered his resignation to the Duce, who rejected it.

Fascism portal Politics portal.

Windows illuminate violently, front doors burst open, houses empty, all are out embracing each other, telling each other the news, with those simple and exuberant gestures belonging to people overwhelmed by emotion.

Part of a series on Fascism Core tenets. I prosciolti erano comunque affidati al controllo costante della polizia, che poteva eventualmente diffidarli e proporli per il Confino [8]. Both pressed the royal officials for the arrest of Mussolini and the nomination of a military government. Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging Greyshirts Ossewabrandwag.


On 24 June Mussolini gave his last important speech as prime minister.

Fall of the Fascist regime in Italy – Wikipedia

His speech, which Mussolini angrily interrupted, dealt a death blow to the Duce’s hopes of defeating Grandi, since the Party was totally discredited among almost all the high-ranking Fascists. Estratto da ” https: During his last meeting with the King before 25 July, Grandi communicated to Victor Emmanuel his bold plan to eliminate Mussolini and attack the Germans.

Grandi was one of the Fascist Party’s top leadership, the gerarchi ; although he had been a close colleague of Mussolini for over 20 years, he was more a right-wing conservative than a Fascist.

But what will happen to me, to my family? At the beginning of the military situation for Italy looked bleak. Anche per tale motivo i quattro “Eroi di Basovizza” possono essere considerati i primi martiri europei dell’antifascismo armato [24].

Moreover, he wrote to Badoglio that he was gladly willing to help him and his government. Il Tribunale speciale venne soppresso dal regio decreto-legge 29 luglion.

They concluded that of the 27 members, 4 were for it, 7 against and 16 undecided. All over Italy, men and women went on the roads, chiseling away the Fascist emblems and removing propaganda posters from the buildings. It went down in history as the “boot topping” Italian: Frugoni and Cesa Bianchi, diagnosed gastritis and duodenitis of nervous origin, excluding, after some hesitation, the possibility of cancer. This article is part of a series about Benito Mussolini.

Contribuisci a migliorarla secondo le convenzioni di Wikipedia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After some minor interventions spoke Bottai, the Fascist intellectual, who made a purely political speech, defending the OdG.


Moreover, he tried to bring back to Italy as many forces as possible among those which were abroad, but it was difficult to do that without raising the suspicions of the Germans. Roma, Anppia,p. After him, old Marshal de Bono said “yes”, and towed the undecided with him. Victor Emmanuel accompanied him to the door, where he met Captain Vigneri. The Duce went to his car, but the captain told him to go to a nearby ambulance, for his security. Ambrosio prepared for the meeting meticulously, and the day before spoke plainly to Mussolini, telling him that his duty was to exit the war in the next 15 days.

His idea was to depose Mussolini, let the king make a government without Fascists, and at the same time attack the German army in Italy. He summarized the history of the supreme command, trying to show that the attribution to him had been sponsored by Badoglio. When the rear door opened, he saw three Carabinieri and three policemen sitting on the side banks, and said: In the night, just after the end of the meeting, Grandi met with Duke Pietro d’Acquarone: Apparently the King agreed with him, as this would explain why the Duce was not worried at all about the outcome of the Grand Council meeting.